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Boys Names Girls Names

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Boys Names Girls Names

Male Female

 Hebrew Name Meanings
AaronEnlightened; To SingMHebrew
AbbieFather Of JoyFHebrew
AbbyGod Is JoyFHebrew
AbeFather Of A MultitudeMHebrew
AbelA BreathMHebrew
AbieGod Is JoyUHebrew
AbigailGod Is JoyFHebrew
AbnerFather Of LightMHebrew
AbraMother Of ManyFHebrew
AbrahamFather Of A MultitudeMHebrew
AbramHigh FatherMHebrew
AbriannaMother Of Many NationsFHebrew
AbsolomMy Father Is PeaceMHebrew
AdahBeautiful AdditionFHebrew
AdaminaThe EarthFHebrew
AdenHandsome, AdornedMHebrew

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